About Us

About Us

Adding value to your portfolio

BM REAL ESTATE is a leading asset management and consultancy firm specializing in residential properties. Our expertise lies in adding value to buildings through comprehensive asset management and development strategies. We also handle lease extensions on behalf of freeholders, ensuring seamless transactions and optimal outcomes. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to enhance the value and potential of every property we work with.

As consultants to property owners with underutilized properties, our goal is to help maximize their potential. We specialize in assisting a wide range of property owners in unlocking the full potential of their underutilized properties. Through comprehensive analysis and a strategic approach, we provide guidance and recommendations to optimize the value, functionality, and profitability of these properties. Our services encompass various aspects, including market research, feasibility studies, development planning,  regulatory compliance, design and architectural considerations, project management, and marketing strategies. By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, developers can transform their old properties into thriving, lucrative ventures.

We are specialists in providing tailored advice to a diverse clientele of property companies, institutions, and housing associations, helping them optimize the potential of their real estate portfolio. Our services encompass reviewing and recommending strategies to enhance value through development or asset management.

Under the leadership of Benjamin Cowen, who has over 17 years of experience in the property industry, our company is committed to delivering a personalized, expert, and bespoke service. We continuously aim to exceed your expectations through our attention to detail and the cumulative impact of the many small ways in which we strive to provide exceptional service.

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